Monday, May 22, 2017

Cardboard Assimilations - May 21

Hit the monthly show in Maugansville again Sunday.  Only brought home a short stack, but the quality was amazing!

The first four are the Parker Brothers versions - some lineman with the double asterisks on back for a buck.  The rest are nice fresh 1974 Topps set hits.  Big Ben knocks that set down to Favre and Campbell.

Also got the ubiquotous handful of random Redskins cards and a bonus Bo.  There was a two row box of nothing but burgundy and gold that I could have just made an offer for, but it wasn't worth blowing my whole wad for, so I picked some sure things (I think).  Didn't have my 2009+ Redskins list with me, so I left a few in the box, like those bizarre Unparalleled, which are, ironically, parallels.

More Donruss current inserts like the last two posts - checked thoroughly for gloss this time.  And more shiny Redskins that hopefully aren't already there.

Then I hit some good vintage.  Killed some crucial wants to my 1972 and 1970 sets, including the ever-elusive Jim Northrup.  Don't know why he was so scarce, but 30¢ later, he was finally mine.  '70 high numbers in the two to four dollar sweet spot.  The '70 Rose is a little chewed on the top and stained on the back, but fits into my mid-grade set.  Nate Colbert is kinda rough too, but won't stand out in the binder page.  '72 Bench and Rose were bargains that will also blend right in.

In the same box as '72 Bench and Rose, I figured I might find one of these for a friend....


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