Friday, May 19, 2017

Trade Bait: 2014 Score Football

This is another graphically appealing but way too large set that I'm still toiling away at.  And another one that I've grabbed parallels without realizing it and ended up with trade fodder instead of list hits.

The biggest wrench in the machine is that Panini produced what is basically an entirely parallel product in the "Hot Rookies" set.  Which is really confusing since there is an insert set in the regular Score called Hot Rookies too.  Anyway, the HR set is really only different in the full foil logo that replaces the Score wordmark of the regular versions.  Allow me to illustrate....

So this is a regular "Franchise" insert.  It is the blue version.  There are Blue, Gold, Red, and - what I think is hobby only - Green versions of most of the insert sets.  The colors around the lettering of at least the insert name are what's different.  Notice the Score logo in the top left. Click for closer view.

Now here are my extra Hot Rookies blue version Franchise cards for trade.  You can see the only difference is the dang logo in the corner.  It's a full foil box instead of the "Score".  Real subtle when you're shuffling through a big pile of different inserts from a dealer's stock.  Three list hits that I don't get to cross off yet.

These are also blue versions of the Destination End Zone inserts.  I initially didn't think these were color paralleled, but they are.  And I did the gold versions.  Any AP collectors?  Two so far...

Behind the Numbers in red and blue.  I did the gold ones of these too.  Most of these are pack pulls of the wrong color.  I've seen some collector's trying to do all three (or four?) colors.  That's just too much.  I pick the one I think looks best or that I have the most of and run with that.  The blue on black are hard to read. 

Brothers In Arms.  The first group is two blues, five golds, and two reds, though it's hard to tell from the scan.  The Score logos are done in team colors, so just the side bars are the parallel color.  Two Hot Rookie versions here too.  They get the shiny treatment as well as the funky logo.  Rather an original concept for a team card or general insert in my opinion.

Here are two of the Hot Rookie inserts.  It's a huge insert set at fifty cards.  Kinda cool looking if you don't mind intrusive text graphics.  The other one shown here is a base card parallel - Artist's Proof.  There are seven parallel base sets, including the usual Score mainstays, Scorecards (shown next), Red Zone, Gold Zone, and newer End Zone, Gem Masters, and Showcase.  Printing Plates are listed with the parallels too, but to me they don't count.

ScoreCards with silver foil lettering that scans light blue.

And finally, a Numbers Game (one of the few not color paralleled), and full circle to a red Franchise Falcon Julio Jones.  Colors work well with that particular one.

Again, everything you see is up for trade.  Would love to get 2014 Score in return, but it isn't a requirement.  My needs at the time of writing are below.  Check my wants page as time goes by to see the updated listings.  Happy Trading!

2014 Score

   20 Pitta  80 Rodgers  111 KDavis  155 SRich  166 Cooper  235 Brady H100  272 Burfict H100 
284 Bowman H100  304 TSmith H100  314 Revis H100 

Behind the Numbers (Gold only) (BN) 1  2  3  4  5  7  9  10  11  12  14  16  18

Brothers In Arms (Blue only) (BA-) 2 ATL  4 BUF  8 CLE  22 NYJ  23 OAK  27 SF  28 SEA  32 WAS x2

Complete Players - (CP) 1  2  3  4  9  11  15  16  22  24

Destination End Zone (gold only) - (DE) HAVE  4  5  10  12      

Franchise (Blue only) - (F) HAVE  3  4  5  7  8  9  11  12  13  18  22 

Hot Rookies (the insert, not the set) - (HR) 1  2  3  4  5  7  15  26  27  34  36  45  46  47

Numbers Game - (NG) HAVE  1  3  9  10  16  20  23  25  27  28  29  31  32  33  38  45

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