Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Star Trek: The Retro Football Card Set - Card #8

Young Pavel Chekov makes his debut in the continuing series.  This one is based on the 1963 Post CFL design. They must be really rare because the eBay auctions I culled the pictures from were all $50 or more....

This is the first time I've had to really write a blurb about the character.  Usually that stuff is on the back, but these don't have backs.  Couldn't match the original font of the English text very well, but all the other titles are cobbled from the originals.  Nice part is, you can spell a lot of stuff with "Winnipeg Blue Bombers".  Only had to fabricate one or two letters for all of it, though I saved off about 8 different cards, mostly for the fancy name font.

I decided that the second language would obviously be Klingon.  And no, that is not a direct translation, it's just for looks.  Since there wasn't any use for uniform numbers, I figued I'd make it into the ship number.  It's just a little more crowded up top. 

Not sure who the next one will be.  I have a checklist card in progress, but at some point I'll have to switch to Next Generation characters so I can use newer designs.  I'm running out of old ones that are interesting and have some detail.  Most of the really old designs are just colors and basic text.

Taking requests!

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Tony Burbs said...

Using Klingon for the second language is a great touch - awesome custom!