Monday, May 01, 2017

Michigan Shop & Show Tour - Finale

Again, sorry about the phantom post listing last week.  Thought I might put this up Saturday, but it's been a cloudy and depressing weekend from both the weather and the hockey playoff results, not to mention the football draft.  So without further adieu...

On the last day I was in Michigan, we attended the Redford card show near Detroit.  It's a monthly show that sets up in an VFW building.  There were a lot of dealers who had just the local Tigers cards and merchandise, but enough others to make it a really nice show.

This photo, which I ended up taking pieces from (and another shot from a slightly different angle), shows my show haul (the loose cards) piled on top of some of the bulk boxes I got from Stuart or other vendors.  I didn't buy all that at one show. :)

A modest amount of 2017 inserts and some other baseball.  My main source of current inserts was John, who is affectionately known as "The Dolphin Guy" because he wears his Miami football jersey to every show.  He had incredibly low prices on more current inserts, star cards, and parallels, and had plenty to choose from.  And when you finished, he knocked some more off of that.  Wish I could come back to his table every month!

Also killed a WHOLE bunch from my 2016 Donruss football, along with some Classics, and 2014 Prestige and Score mixed in.  Again, most were from John averaging a quarter an insert.  Almost killed my Donruss base set from a couple other tables.  Of course, I made the mistake of buying a couple twice, and found I had pulled some fancier parallels instead of the regular inserts.  (Curse you 2014 Score Hot Rookies!)  I'll post some of them for trade later.

Got some shiny RG3's and others for my Redskins collection on the cheap too.  Poor guy, I really hoped he'd make it in the league for somebody....

I look forward to Michigan visits for hockey cards most of all, since they're definitely scarcer in my neighborhood.  Knocked off several 1979-80 stars, leaders, and singles.  Lousy picture...great cards.

The high point of the show was the chance to meet a dealer who I've been buying from for a while - exclusively 1960 Topps baseball.   Finally put a face to Mr. Marv!  His stuff is always gorgeous, and I was not disappointed in the latest selections.  I worked a deal from a list Marv had sent me a whie back.  He even added a few more from the lower numbers.  Then I tacked on these too:

Roger Maris, Willie Mays, and Mickey Mantle high number All-Star cards.  Suh-weet!  Mantle was graded, but I managed to extract him without incident.  (I'll share my technique soon!).  Have a gander:

I started my long journey home right after we left the show and got something to eat.  With my belly (and half my car trunk) full, I set off back to Maryland.

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