Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Verto Misereatur!

I love filling team collector's wants, and killing set needs, as most of you probably do too.  And just for the satisfaction of giving those collectors the joy that I enjoy when you get that last card or cards in the mail.  But sometimes what you get in return makes it twice as sweet.

I found a vendor at my monthly show that had cheap inserts from the last couple year's flagship sets, and pulled up P-Town Tom's needs from the Wrigley inserts.  I sent him all but the last one - which he obtained soon after.  I had also sent him some Pacific Cubs and some SGA's too.

Well he appreciated it very much apparently, because I got some prime list hits in return - packaged impeccably, I might add:

Complete with painters tape seal, including pull tab - always important.  And Cal headlining.

Open it up and got two pair:

The last two (barring gremlins) for my 2003 Diamond Kings set.  The evasive Thome and higher number (where the HOFers live) Cal Jr.

Then, continuing with the Ripken theme, the last two 2009 Topps Wal-Mart Cereal Platinum Refractors.  A beautiful set that was available through the namesake retail packaging. There are two Cal's in the set for some reason.  This is the very elusive PR-17, vs. the more common PR-9.

The accompanying note said he ordered these special - if not all four!  Tom, you rock!

P.S. - the title is Google translated Latin for "gracious swap"


defgav said...

Lovin' that pull tab! Tom's a good'un!

P-town Tom said...

Thanks again for the set help and glad I return the favor!
Also, I appreciate the translation of the title to the post. Now, could you explain what a gremlin is as it relates to cards? I've notice the word a few times within your card wants. I'm assuming it's a card that's tough to chase down... but I've always thought of gremlins as scary little dudes who were nothing but trouble with all of their mischievous tendencies.

GCA said...

Gremlins show up when you get the last couple cards you think you need to finish a set, but when you go through what you have you discover one or more that are still missing and somehow got crossed off your list. So you have to go back and put them on your want list again.

Keeps happening to me more and more. It's going to be a new series of posts at some point.

P-town Tom said...

Oh, man. That's happened to me on a couple of occasions for sure. Great use of the word "gremlin"!