Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trade Bait: 2016 Donruss football

In my pursuit of sets, I obviously end up with extra stuff to trade, especially when I start with retail packages.  I used to put scans up on an old photobucket page, but this is easier.

My first featured set is the cool but humungous 2016 Donruss football.  As in baseball, they have taken elements of the 1990 design and incorporated team colors, as well as putting some other years' designs in the inserts.  There are parallels in Press Proofs and a few other sometimes serial numbered varieties.  Click on the pictures for larger views.

Let's start with the nicest and rarest.  Megan Fox Fans of the Game - not  serial numbered or anything, but hey, she's hot.  The back is right side up in this orientation, but I think it makes the front upside down.  (That discussion is a later post.)  Jim Plunkett ATGK Studio Series.  The first of many I grabbed and didn't notice the holofoil (which looks gold in real life), the Studio Series notation, or the s/n.  Anthony Barr foily purple Stat Line /68 pulled from packs.

 This is the back of the Aqueous Test Tony Romo.  The front looks just like the base card.  I think I pulled this one from retail packs too.  Had to get the regular base card later.

Really nice looking Gridiron Kings, and the All-Time GK's.

Blue Marino and Red Press Proof parallels.  I have no use for these unless they're Redskins.

Got lucky on these green Press Proof Rated Rookies when I pulled the Dak.  Don't have the regular one, though.  Hope to trade this one for one maybe.  I saw no greens when I searched eBay for Dak Donruss cards.  Don't know if that means they're common or rare.  Some other good rookies here too.

More green Press Proofs.  Some decent names at least.  Annoying to pull two of the same useless parallel though.

Now for the regular inserts.  I've finished these Peyton Manning tributes.  Bought some eBay lots of some inserts sets.  Really helped out a lot.

Some of those lots yielded extras, though.  Interesting concept on the Production Lines sets.  Finished the green Yardage ones pretty easily.  The others are tougher to find.  I like the All-Pros.

And finally, the '87 design retired players.  Love it when they emphasize the veterans.  Got a bunch of extras in the eBay lot.

So everything you see here is up for trade.  Email me at the link in the upper right corner if you're interested in something.  My wants for this set are on my page and will be continually updated there, but I'll list them here as they are right now.  Except maybe for the Prescott PP, I will trade any of the scanned stuff for just about anything else besides Donruss football from my wantlist, so I'm not limiting it to just this set.

2016 Donruss Football         Looking for all Redskins parallels
141 FDavis  238 ABrown  274 Martin  299 Riggins

Rated Rookies - 360 Cook  362 Prescott  368 Elliott  370 Brissett  372 Goff  386 MThomas  400 Fuller

'87 Classic - 7 Montana  8 Elway  19 Bo  20 Dorsett

All-Pros - HAVE  1  2  3  4  5  8  9  10  12  13  14  15  16  18               

Dominators (/999) - 4 Reed  35 Cousins                                    Elite Series (/999) - 8 Doctson 

Fans of the Game - 5 Monet  7 McDaniels

All-Time Gridiron Kings - HAVE  1  2  8  12  13  16  24  29  30          

Gridiron Kings - HAVE  7  17  22  24  25  27  36  39  40

Legends Series (/999) - 6 Bo                              League Leaders - 2 Marshall/Baldwin  15 Bortles/Eli

Legends of the Fall - 5 Brady  7 Elway  8 Brees  10 Allen  12 Harris  13 PManning  14 Favre  15 ESmith  18 Rice  21 Lewis  23 Warner

Pro Bowl Kings - need all                                             The Rookies (/999) - 20 Doctson

Production Line (Hits) - HAVE  1  2  3  4  5  6  8  9  10      (TDs) HAVE  1  6  7  9  11  12       

Top Targets - 6 Decker

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