Wednesday, March 20, 2019

It's Not A Dream

While researching my upcoming line of ridiculously irrelevant relic cards, I came across a very strange set that actually exists. 

Drawing on the theme of the Field Of Dreams movie, where the historical baseball players magically walk out of the cornfield, Leaf created these relic cards of (somewhat more modern) players...

...that contain actual cornstalks.

They're from the real location of the Field Of Dreams, so I guess that gives them some credibility as drawing interest from baseball fans.

Way to go out to left field, Leaf.  Not sure about "history", since don't cornstalks die out every year?

I guess they put their idea of the current "Dream Team" against the cornfield and called it an insert set.  Wonder if they had all the guys on site or they photoshopped the pictures against a cornfield.  Or shot at cornfields across the country?

They must think "If you print it, they will buy" too....


  1. This seems like an early April Fool's post.

  2. Only Leaf would do this....and I think it's great. Very creative and crazy. Whimsical, perhaps.

    1. It's not for me, but I too think that it was a fun idea.

  3. I know they're "corny", but I actually went out and bought one of these a few years ago. I'm still looking for an affordable Rickey for my collection.