Monday, February 24, 2020

They're Just More Down To Earth

Did some damage to Robert's Jim Thome list, so I got my second delivery from him in the last month.  Let's dig in!

Two more for what I hope is not a decade-long quest to fill out the 100 (+150 later) insert set of Decade's Best.  These are my first ones from these particular eras.  I like that they mixed up the graphics to reflect the times.  And Ryan and Murray are nice pulls too!.

Still way behind on 2019 Update inserts, but this really helps.  Five more Perennial All-Stars.  This would be another plain player worship set if not for the stars and stripes.  At least there's not 100 of these.

Another step closer to completing last year's A&G [master] set, Teddy Ballgame.  Ginter knows inserts.

And a nice eight piece array of 2011 Heritage cards.  I had these listed on my wants as short prints, but looking at the database, there are apparently only a few actual shortprints throughout the set.  This is like the third batch from this product that I've received in the last few weeks.  I was wondering why they seemed to be so easy to come by.  Now I know.  Too bad they didn't continue that trend into later years.  Or at least get on the A&G or Gypsy Queen program where the short prints aren't a big deal because they show up only slightly less than regular base cards.

Thanks again, Robert! 


  1. The Decade's best inserts are very cool.

  2. The Decade's Best cards are nice but not enough to erase the "This Is Another Insert Set Featuring The Retired Greats In Topps' Stable" thoughts from my head. They're not as good as the 150th Anniversary insert cards from last year.

  3. Love those Decades Best cards! Shot selection and design are so eye-catching. Kudos to Topps for these.

  4. I also like how the graphics match the era on those Decade's Best cards. Topps nailed both of them. But that doesn't make up for the fact that Topps has flooded the hobby with these overproduced inserts for far too long.