Wednesday, April 22, 2020

BBA: My Other Collections - Part 1

Bo started this topic, and Trevor promoted it to a full Bat Around.  They both showed their Collections of Other Things.

As a few of you might guess, I've got a couple different entries for this idea.  I'll start with the minor ones first.  Bo showed his fledgling accumulation of vintage brand name items and some political buttons.  Kinda like this:

I see a lot of older presidential buttons like this in the flea markets and antique malls.  If I didn't collect cards, I might be inclined to gather these.  I like the historical value, but I'd probably end up collecting space program patches instead.

I do have one significant sports button - this Redskins Super Bowl matchup against Elway and the Broncos.  Of course, the 'Skins came out on top.  Oh, to see those glory days again soon....

But the main thrust of this little collection is rock bands.  Mostly metal, as are my tastes, even today.  There are a few mellower artists in the mix as well.  Check the links for some of their good tunes.  Warning - lots of cheesy 80's music videos.

These buttons were sold at the mall stores that carried t-shirts and posters of the current pop culture - in this case, the mid- to late 1980's.  It was a cheap way to represent who you like to listen to.  I did NOT, however, own a stereotypical jean jacket to put these on.  I keep them in a tin can on a bookshelf.

The Super Bowl button makes a convenient lid.

While not an exhaustive catalog of all my favorite bands, the basics are covered well.  Dokken was my first favorite hard rock act.  And Judas Priest was not far behind.  Their album art is the best for graphic representation (as you saw in the video in this post).  I like Ozzy a lot, though I have never seen him live.  Deep Purple was in the middle somewhere, though Perfect Strangers is a great album.  You may not know Vandenberg, they were more of a fringe band.  Their lead guiarist and namesake went on to join David Coverdale and Whitesnake for most of the Tawny Kitaen period at least.

I found a LOT of Ratt buttons.  Think I might have the whole lineup individually, and then twice as many group shots.  I got the t-shirts back in the day for the middle one in the middle row (plus the poster that I had hanging in my college dorm), and another shirt that had the "robot rat" on the back.  Everyone knows them for their videos with Milton Berle (and a younger Tawny).  Here's one that's just pure performance. 

Too bad it ended badly for the original lineup.  The drummer got mad and made his own version of the band (that failed), and the blonde guitarist died.

Next up, the band that originally turned me on to guitar solos and long-haired musicians in general - KISS.  But it wasn't back in the early days with the makeup and live albums, it was their first album with NO makeup.
Also shown here - Mötley Crüe and Krokus (crank these up)
There's no video for this song, but here's the album track:

Next up, Twisted Sister and Bon Jovi.  TS wasn't the most polished band, but they were good honest rock and roll.  Plus, Dee Snider's testimony at the PMRC hearings was epic.

I liked Bon Jovi's first few albums, but always thought their songwriting was chock full of clichés. Later on, they got way more popular, but my fandom kinda waned.

A couple oddballs here.  Loudness was a totally Japanese metal band with a phenomenal guitarist.  Guiffria was another more obscure one that I liked.  Just happened to find buttons of theirs.

And rounding out the mix, a few of the mellower bands that I liked before I discovered metal.  Huey Lewis & the News were one of only two bands that I saw live more than once.  I think they played for a long time after the 80's but I didn't keep up.  Survivor had a great sound way beyond "Eye Of The Tiger", but changed singers a few times.  Night Ranger was popular later during the metal period, and was played along with that type of music, eventually contributing members to a few other harder acts.

There were several other bands that were favorites of mine, I just never found buttons of theirs.  Queensrÿche, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Cinderella, among others.

Thank you! -- Good night!


  1. Guiffria!

    I'm guessing you've seen the Ratt Geico commercial. It amused me the first time I saw it.

    1. Just saw it this evening. Love it!

  2. I think there's a Whitesnake concert video on YouTube that has Steve Vai playing the guitar with his tongue.

  3. Nice button (pinback) collection. I used to collect buttons til around the late 1990s or so. Hmm I never thought to keep them in cans. I used to just keep them in small boxes. During the late 1970s and 80s I would occasionally stick them to a jeans jacket or on my "Mork" suspenders or a hat that didn't have any design on it.

    Hmm You Tube doesn't have Kiss's "Lick It Up" video? There was a video made for it back in the day. OH wait you have a different audio track "A Million to One" not "Lick it Up". Never mind.

  4. I think I have some buttons I can send your way with the stack of cards I've been building for you.

  5. I'm more than tempted to send my Bee Gees and Paul McCartney buttons to you for diversity's sake. I enjoy pre-1980 political stuff too, with a few buttons and my prized Spiro Agnew watch.

  6. Thanks guys, but I'll stick to the metal bands that I have. Not looking to expand this collection, thanks!

  7. I used to see a guy at my local flea market that would have some 80's rock buttons... and there's always at least one or two vendors with political buttons. Both of my parents were huge Reagan supporters and I remember rooting for him and Bush in 1984. I've tried to buy Reagan memorabilia before... but I think since he was so popular in California his stuff is never cheap.

  8. Lots of my favorite bands in there. Don and Chris Old Stuff has lots of cheap old political buttons and rock memorabilia (backstage passes and stuff, not sure if they have rock buttons).

  9. I collected buttons and pins until my late teens, used to have a couple of old shirts tacked to the wall for displaying them, looked pretty good too. At some point I lost interest and gave away most of them, these days I only have a few left, mostly promo stuff from my uncle's comic book conventions way back when.

  10. Never collected these, but you have quite the collection for sure. Never was into music, but you have an awesome variety.

  11. Cool collection! I've got an "I like ike" button that I picked up around 1980 after writing a 5th grade report on eisenhower. The only other oddball type pinback I have is of Alfred e. Neumann.