Wednesday, April 01, 2020

New Super Short Prints in 2020 Donruss

Was perusing the Panini site the other day looking at their new products and saw this in the product listing for 2020 Donruss.

Wasn't sure what it was, but it was included in the images for new boxes of the product.

I'm guessing it's another SSP insert in tribute to the old 1988 Score set.  I've always liked that design, but haven't seen Panini recycle it up until now.  Any ideas?

Maybe ask Matt...


  1. Really amazing card! I'm a bit disappointed as they were all sold out by the time I tried to get a copy. Nice shot of his ring - and those knuckles!!!

  2. That is an amazing looking card! I wouldn't mind getting my hand on one of those!

  3. I think Panini should market Score Heritage, it would be a top seller!

  4. Very nice card of Knucksie! I thought about going after that one but instead purchased a somewhat similar and yet incredible card of Knucksie. Check it out:

  5. Super excited. This is the first Panini baseball product I've liked in a long, long time.