Friday, April 17, 2020

Epic Ebay Package - And Nice Contents Too

As a lot of us are doing these days, I spent some free time last week perusing eBay for oddball card items and bargains.  I stumbled across a seller called wipeoutslider who had the last two 1981 Topps Scratch-Offs I needed and several other player collection items.  I actually started looking at his stuff after finding a nice lot of 2001 Bowman's Best higher numbers which would knock off a bunch from the list I had just made.

The order arrived in an extra large plastic bubble mailer.  There were three sub-packages inside.  All of the packaging and tape was marked with eBay insignias.  This was the most epic packaging job of all time!

The simplest sub-package was the bundle of regular sized cards.  It was in its own smaller bubble envelope and sandwiched between top loaders.  Textbook deluxe packaging.

Inside was the aforementioned Bowman's Best lot.  Some of these are available for trade.  I just didn't separate the needs from the extras when I scanned it all.

Also in the bundle was a 2002 Chrome gold refractor of Dusty Baker.  Hard to tell it's the gold one until you put it up against the regular color card.

Next up, a double layered cardboard sandwich around the two '81 Scratch-Offs and a postcard inside a semi-rigid plastic sleeve.  You could run over these with a truck.

Turns out I got another Griffey this past summer, but it'll just add to the pile of about twenty full panels of these I have left over from a big batch that a dealer in Ephrata sold me real cheap.  Have to go back through my set and make sure I've got at least one of each card and all my player guys.  I'm pretty sure I have more than enough.

Behind those was this nifty "Plastichrome" post card of late Dodger great Ron Fairly.  (Night Owl might be jealous).

Here's a quick view of the back.  Feels just a bit heavier than a regular post card, but not so rigid as to contain too much "plastic".

And finally, another double-layer sandwich of a bagged and top-loadered pair of 8x10 images of a couple of my other player guys.  They would have survived a sunken ship, I think.

Sparky Lyle is drawn/painted very nicely on this Atlantic Richfield (now ARCO) Photo Card.  It's definitely from 1969, as Lyle wasn't on the Sox that long.  Great artist rendering.

WipeoutSlider has tons of these kind of team issued photos and postcards.  I could have gone nuts with all my player guys.  But at $5-8 a shot, and since they're such an large size, I decided to keep it to only a few.  I've got enough stuff from most of these guys that I can let that kind of thing go.
I like this photo of Manny.  He looks so intimidating, even though he's the nicest guy in person.  You may recall this shot showing up in my badass players post a couple years ago.

Believe it or not, I only paid a total of a blaster and a half for all this stuff.

I think I got a bargain on the shipping charges alone, since the items were packaged so well.  This is the gold standard on how to pack and ship items from online outlets.  Sellers take heed!


  1. Wow, that was quite the packaging job. It's even more impressive considering the over-sized nature of some of the cards.
    The Ron Fairly is a spectacular shot with the empty stadium and palms in the background.

  2. Sparky Lyle without the 'stache. Not sure I can support this.

  3. Hats off to this eBay seller! I might have to add WipeoutSlider to my sellers list. The postcard/photocards are fantastic.

  4. excellent pick-ups! I've purchased from him a couple times over the past year.

  5. Wow. Not sure what's more impressive... the Topps Scratch-offs, the Fairly postcard, or the packaging job.

  6. I got a package like this once, it was from Panini and only had one card in it, my redeemed 2014 Golden Age Stan Lee auto!

  7. Ooooh, that Fairly is extra-nice. I’ve become quite a sucker for postcards.

  8. Wow, just stumbling across this while googling my ebay name. I'm "wipeoutslider" and this was the coolest review for me to read, thank you. I take pride in how I ship everything so I'm glad it is noticed! As you can tell, I have something for everyone!