Monday, June 10, 2019

Collector's Log: Stardate 198207.13

I'm a month or so ahead in the collecting chronicle of 1982.  But this entry is timely to the present day.

My grand total of 8679 back then yields a net gain of six digits compared to my current subtotal, and that's not quite half way there.  Only 73 football cards in five months is a really slow period the way I roll now.  Of course, the available product and my personal resources are vastly increased as well.

Another historical note - I put this up on my wall to enjoy for many years....

This isn't mine, but it's the best image I could find of the original on the interwebs.  I still have my copy rolled up around here somewhere.

Here's a rare trade with the Johnson brothers who lived a couple houses over from my dad's house.  I don't really remember them being into cards, but I got some nice ones.


And I'm pretty sure that this one....

....turned into this a few years down the line.

The "case" I got should be one of the first ones of these that I still use for bulk Redskins.

And while the National league was winning the All-Star game, I sorted all my baseball by teams and put them in the cases starting with the Orioles.  I imagine I kept factory sets of Donruss and Fleer separate, so just the Topps cards were broken down this way.

So, space permitting, each team would occupy slots in the case like this:

'82 Topps Orioles
'81 Topps Orioles
'80 Topps Orioles
older Orioles
'82 Topps Dodgers

You can watch the whole game here, or click below for the highlights (on a rebroadcast by MLB network).   Something cool to sort your stuff by.  I had five PC guys in the game, how about you?


  1. "a rare trade with the Johnson brothers" . . . For some reason I'm picturing you standing off against them at high noon, in the middle of the street, armed with baseball cards instead of revolvers.

  2. This is awesome! I love this!

  3. The last entry in today's post is from four days before I was born (the 17th)! I am now infinitely curious to know what the entry for that day says? Oh, and Catherine Bach!!!!!!! God you guys had some great posters back then :)

  4. Oh man... I can't imagine many boys my age who didn't have a crush on Daisy Duke.
    I'm surprised I didn't own that poster. Although... not sure they would have sold it at my school's book fairs. That's where I bought most of my non-sports posters.

    P.S. Cool Ron LeFlore autograph! I was listening to a podcast that talked about him and his fascinating story.

  5. Love that Catherine Bach poster! And I wish I'd written down trades I made as a kid. Didn't think to memorialize my collecting adventures until about 2006. :/