Sunday, June 02, 2019

Hit A Sale In Pennsylvania

Made a quick trip up to Route 30 on Sunday to actually visit a different shop, but figured while I was up that way, I'd check out Jason's Sports Cards in the Morninstar Marketplace flea market complex a little farther down the road.

Turns out they were having a sale ~ a whole lot of dollar stock was being offered at 10 for $7 and 100 for $60.  And there was a display case with lots of fancier stuff discounted to $10.  I took advantage.

Out of the dollar boxes, these two Bo Jackson football cards.  The left one is Panini Black Friday and the right one is Leaf VIP from the 2018 National in Cleveland, which I didn't attend.  Glad to get both of these because I had little hope of getting them from the original sources.

Also from the football section is this 2018 Donruss Fans Of The Game, which will go with my stack of attractive ladies since I have no other 2018 Donruss at all.  She's nice, but her taste in teams isn't her strong point.

A really nice specimen of the first checklist in 1972 Topps.  And Karlos is actually just a base card hit to my Gridiron Kings list.  He looks like a parallel with the fancy frame and all.

Moving over to hockey, I spotted a couple sets I recognized.  Reimer was on my list, but CuJo turned out to be a bit more interesting.  Didn't have to find him on the want list, because when I flipped it over to look at the number....

Bonus Sample card!

Rounding out the dollar stock, these three ace pitchers.  Palmer didn't look familiar, and most likely isn't in my PC binder since it's serial numbered.  Ryan is another off the never-ending list of 1987 tributes from 2017, and Mussina with the bitchin translucent portrait inset photo...was already off my list.  *sigh*

Jason rounded off my total at the end, so these all actually ended up only costing 50¢ each!

And now the $10 hits.  This Palmer jersey is a lot more silvery than blue in hand, but the scan is easier to read.  It's serial number 7 in a series of 23 (to correspond with the wins total).

He had a ton of Palmer autographs to choose from.  I limited myself to three.  I don't need every one there is.  This one was a nice clean design.  None of these are numbered over 50.  There were a few that he had repeats of, so they may still be there next trip.

A nice Tribute auto out of 35 and a much more ornate UD Premier /50.  This (truncated scan) illustrates the difference in the art department philosophies between Topps and Upper Deck in my mind.  Topps is very basic and reserved.  Upper Deck used a lot more textures and patterns in their designs.  Though the UD does remind me of recent Topps Museum Collection designs.

Snagged another of my HOF pitcher PC guys' autos with this SP Legendary Cuts 50/50.  The foil stuff is a lot easier to read in this scan too.  I wasn't sure if I had a Sutter sig with the Cardinals or not.   I didn't think I'd find one for $10 anyway.

And finally, I picked up one of the current Redskins that I don't have any hits from yet.  I ended up seeing another one of his autos for $6 at the shop nearest my house, but it wasn't numbered nearly as low as this one.  It's #01/25.

I'm not usually one for stacking up the mojo hits, but now and then it's nice to add on to them.  Ten bucks each is good for HOF'er autos, and a fair price for the others.


  1. Really nice Palmer stuff!

  2. Palmer autographs for $10 each? I would have bought every single one of his on-card signatures. Congratulations on the killer find!

  3. Great cards. The Bo cards and the Sutter auto stand out to me. The Bo cards are nice because you rarely see those cards of his.

  4. Palmer autos for $10? That's fantastic.

  5. You can't ever wrong with new Bo's! The Palmer auto's are cool too (amazing prices), but I think the sample is my favorite.