Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Historical Figures Come To Life (in 2008)

Bo from BB Cards Come To Life! saw my post about the starter for 2008 Allen & Ginter that I picked up at the beach and had some to fill holes.  One of the cool things that I like about A&G is the "other" people that are featured in the set besides the ballplayers.  Here are the non-player cards from the batch Bo sent.

Ben, Al, and Annie.  Masters of Electricity, Relativity, and Weaponry.

James, Mary, and Bram.  Wrote about Frontiersmen, Frankenstein, and fellows with fangs.

Marie, Pablo, and Claude.  Brought Radium, Cubism, and Impressionism to the public.

Harriet, Pyotr, and Friedrich.  On the forefront of Abolition, Composition, and Existentialism.

Charles, Frederick, and Davy.  Leaders of Characterization, Anti-Discrimination, and back woods Oration.

Pluto and Oscar.  For a while they stood tall, but were destined for a fall.


Not that Pluto and Oscar....

The one United States (flags) insert to home town face of the franchise Ryan Zimmerman.

And the rest are the (Just Short Of) Short Prints.  These are the every-other pack cards from #301 to 350. 

That's the way you do "short prints". 

Thanks again to Bo for a great selection of singles for this set!


  1. Glad you like them!

  2. The sentences underneath the first six sets of photos were absolutely wonderful... card poetry?