Saturday, April 14, 2018

Chantilly Show Loot Part 3: Football, Hockey & Recent inserts (post #200)

Saving the vintage baseball for last, here's pretty much everything else in my Chantilly haul from last weekend.

Hit the two sets I started in Ephrata pretty hard.  The first of which was 1971 Topps football.  Of course, I bought the stars and checklist from one vendor, then most of the rest from Uncle Dick's including the same daggone checklist!

Then hit the '72-'73 hockey.  Not too many of the big names, but filled out the rest nicely.  These are all from Uncle Dick's too...

And the last table I hit was my favorite current insert people.  Got most of the way through before they announced the show was closing and started turning the lights out.  Will probably see them again tomorrow at Greencastle, so I'll add on to these.

Wrapping it up next time with several stacks that whittle my needs down to just a few for some of my key vintage sets....

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  1. I spy a Johnny U card. A few weeks ago, I sat down with my dad and we were talking about old school QB's and he mentioned him a few times. I think I'm gonna grab a few of his cards as a way to remember that conversation.