Friday, April 06, 2018

Show Day Mailday

Man, the posts on incoming cardboard are piling up.  These came the same day as the Ephrata Show on the 24th of March.

Got home with the massive haul I showed from the show AND the flea market shop, and had two packages in the mailbox to boot!

The first is a COMC order to kill a bunch of my player collection wants.  I had been perusing eBay looking at Brian Matusz items, and saw a good number of them listed under COMC.  So I went over there and did some comparison shopping and figured out which ones I needed that were cheaper than other places.  I printed out three pages of thumbnails and went through and verified each one that wasn't already in the collection, and then checked the pricing.  I ended up with quite a few.  Most of them are parallels of Bowman or Topps issues, with a few TriStar and other minor league oddballs in there as well.

As I am wont to do, I rounded the selections out with a few other singles of my more obscure football PCs, Richie Anderson and Jared Zabransky.  I knew Richie's older brother for a time and met Richie himself on two occasions.  Jared was the QB for the Boise State team that pulled off the monster upset of Oklahoma and Adrian Peterson in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.  Unfortunately, I didn't save an image of those.

The other package was a quick eBay hitter for my one "PC" (Pet collection?) from Benchwarmers.  Always been a fan of Ms. Pennelope Jimenez.  And BW autos are really dirt cheap.  This is my fifth kiss card of hers.

I just saw that she married NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.  Dude outkicked his coverage by half the field....

Tomorrow I go to the tri-annual Chantilly show to load up again!

Also, got a couple upgrades for the card room.  Stay Tuned!


  1. Never heard of Pennelope Jimenez... but I can see why you collect her.