Sunday, April 01, 2018

Lock It Up!

Could have sworn there was a movie clip with that line in it, but not Wedding Crashers.  I thought it was Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell or something.  Ah clip for you!

What I do have available is this card locker!  I collect the bulk of my Redskins in those blue swing tops by the Tara Toy Company.  They stack very nicely.  I also have two of the old school Topps ones that are dark red and have the latch on the front.  These were the first things I had to store cards in before I even owned a binder.

This one is more like the Topps locker, in that it has the latch on the front as well.  It's made by HG Toys, Inc.  No year given.

The inside is pretty much intact.  The 30 slots aren't cracked up really at all.  Complete with old team stickers still in place.

I'd just prefer to swap it for a Tara model or a few bucks worth of cards from my lists.  Who wants it?


  1. Those lockers are pretty neat looking. I just searched eBay for the red Topps lockers from the 1970s and they are just awesome, I may need to pick one up.

  2. Not interested myself, but it is a very interesting piece. I had no idea there were/are mass produced storage devices out there other than cardboard boxes.

  3. i had one of these when i first started collecting in the early 80's. i've seen them a few times at the flea market. sometimes guys ask crazy money for them. you should look this baby up on eBay.